Hi! I'm Dr. Vijyendra Ramesh (or VJ)

I'm a Research Fellow at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute with a strong research background in the fields of chromatin biology and gene regulation, a keen interest to uncover their many secrets, and equipped with a variety of wet-lab and computational skills.

Research Interests

A crucial aspect of how a cell turns on or off specific genes to adopt specific functions, chromatin biology is a complex smorgasbord of molecular factors that appears to get more convoluted with each new discovery. A fundamental question that needs answering however, is whether these are a cause or consequence of the processes they accompany.

In this context, I am interested in the following:

  • How do chromatin modifications interact with each other and effector proteins to produce changes in gene expression?
  • How do non-coding regulatory elements play a role in the chromatin regulation of gene expression?
  • How does a cell’s environment act to regulate gene expression? What dictates the longevity of these interactions?